BLOCKs ad-hoc support

BLOCKs is our pre-pay option for companies wishing to receive support on an ad-hoc basis. You can buy support credits online through our support website or by telephone and then use them as necessary for telephone, remote or on-site support.

Each BLOCK costs from £30+VAT and can be bought in groups of 5, 10, or 20. To give you an idea of what BLOCKs can do for your business:

Telephone Support & Remote Support:
One BLOCK will give you 30 minutes of support.

On-Site Support:
One BLOCK will give you 20 minutes of support.

There is a minimum charge of 3 BLOCKs per on-site visit.

BLOCK Pack Pricing (excluding VAT): 
5 BLOCK Pack :: £180
10 BLOCK Pack :: £330
20 BLOCK Pack :: £600

1. How will we know how many BLOCKs a problem will take to fix ?
When you phone our support line, our engineer will first determine what the problem is. After this he will give you an estimate of how long it is likely to fix the problem. From this, we can estimate the number of BLOCKs needed to fix the issue.

2. How do I know how many BLOCKs we have ?
Our engineers can advise you at any time how many BLOCKs you have on your account. They can also take payment over the phone for additional BLOCKs.
Our support website also provides a statement and transaction history of usage.

3. How can we pay for BLOCKs ?
For immediate support, sign up using the helpdesk link on the top menu. You will be able to purchase BLOCKs straight away and can pay by Debit or Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard).

4. We have run out of BLOCKs, can we still get support ?
Simple! We accept payments by Paypal or Debit and Credit Card. You can either do this online or if your Internet is down then our engineers can take payment over the phone, and your BLOCK account is credited immediately for use straight away!

5. We would like a regular healthcheck too?
No Problem! We can schedule a weekly/monthly healthcheck on your server or workstations and deduct a BLOCK automatically.

6. How can I sign up now?
Click on the Helpdesk link and register as a new user then simply purchase a BLOCKs package on your account.